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epworldjournal-020818Newspaper Article on Feng Shui - August 2, 2018
A full page article on Feng Shui with tips from Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin for the readers. more...

Leyda RamirezConoce el Maestro Feng Shui de Donald Trump
Leyda Ramírez - July 2018
"How did Donald Trump adopt an ancient Chinese philosophy that tries to harmonize people with their environment and made it popular?" more...

PearsonEd logoInterview: Religion and Feng Shui featuring Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin and Master Tin Sun
Pearson, the world’s learning company, invites renowned Master Pun-Yin to demystify the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. - July 2018

xuehua-logoDemystifying the "President" Feng Shui Master of US President Trump - June 23, 2018
"In an interview, Pun-Yin mentioned the White House's presidential office and how the current US president will relocate the office to achieve harmony based on the principles of feng shui.". more...

philippine tatlerLos Angeles, City of Dreams
Philippine Tatler Traveler - Dec 2017
And to paraphrase what feng shui master Pun-Yin had said: “Because it’s working inside, it’s working outside.” As each of us defines what is a meaningful life, we may well find in time that the successful search for both beauty and meaning begins within each of us. more...

resident magazine logoHow Feng Shui Change Your Life
Resident.Com (Real Estate / Luxe Living) - Fall 2017
Channel your inner spirit to guide you on a metaphysical journey to find the right balance in your life. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 5,000 years ago in China. more...

MIGlobal logoInterview: #MIGlobal with Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin
Curtis Chin (Milken Institute Global Conference) - May 2017

Feng Shui Your Life: A Formula for Prosperity - Panel Discussion with Naomi Campbell, Sherry Chris and Master Pun-Yin

quartz logoWhat will happen on November 8? Predictions from astrologers around the world - Nov 7, 2016
"To help you through the last uncertain hours of this international spectacle, Quartz turned to an ancient wisdom of last resort: reading the stars. We asked three influential fortune-tellers—Trump's own feng shui and Chinese zodiac expert [Master Pun-Yin], an American celebrity astrologer, and a Cancun-based astrologer of the Mayan calendar—to look into the future and tell us what to expect on Nov. 8." - more...

people-cn logoTrump's "Mr. Feng Shui" - Sept 19, 2016
"The office of Feng Shui master Pun-Yin and her father Tin-Sun lived in a dim basement in Chinatown, New York, with lush vegetation and spring water."

npr logoA Talk With Trump's Feng Shui Expert - Sep 17, 2016
"NPR's Scott Simon talks with Donald Trump's former feng shui master Pun-Yin who worked with him on one of his New York hotels."

guardian logoMeet Donald Trump's Feng Shui Master - - Sep 13, 2016
"How the Republican nominee adopted an ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to harmonize people with their surroundings and made it mainstream"

fox news logoInterview at Fox Extra.
Fox Channel-Extra accredited Pun-Yin as the Feng Shui consultant for many well-known companies. So, she was asked to explain what was authentic Feng Shui and how it could be applied in various environments.

byrdie logoHow (and Why) to Feng Shui Your Beauty Routine - - Mar 31, 2016
"Beauty is skin deep, yet if we consciously create a grooming routine that aligns with the feng shui energy of our spirit and our environment, this daily regimen could be a mood-creator that keeps us focused on our goals..."

worldjournal logoNewspaper Clipping - - Jul 29, 2015

resident magazine logoMonthly Columns in Resident Magazine
Resident.Com (Wellness)
Pun-Yin became the featured columnist in this monthly publication.
Read the columns...

singtao daily logoNewspaper Clipping -
SingTao Daily - May, 2015

worldjournal logoNewspaper Clipping - - May 11, 2015

nylon magazine5 easy ways to zen-ify your space -
NYLON - Feb 18, 2015
Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin recommends to "not have computer and work stuff around the sleep area because this would prevent your mind from relaxing, compromising sleep quality [and] therefore next day's the performance."

inc logoInterview: Feng Shui Tips for the 2015 Sheep Year
Kevin Daum ( - Jan 2015 (full article)

the kelly alexnader showFive Minutes With Master Pun-Yin -
Brick Underground - Oct 7, 2014
Want a happy and harmonious life? A Feng Shui Master shares her tips on setting up your home.

the kelly alexander showInterview: Master Pun-Yin, Feng Shui Expert -
The Kelly Alexander Show - Sep 4, 2014
[T]he art of Feng Shui is [important]in the world around us so we welcome expert, Pun Yin [who has] dedicated 40 years of her life to Feng Shui and has worked on projects like the Trump International Hotel & Towers. more...

john jay college of criminal justice logoLecture @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice -
The City University of New York - June 5, 2014
 lecture at john jay  lecture at john jay

pip and pea logoHow To Feng Shui Your Kid's Nursery -
Pip And Pea
[...] the art of Feng Shui – thought to encourage imagination, learning, confidence as well as promote calmness and improved sleep – is something well worthy of incorporation into a kid's bedroom.

wabc logoFeng Shui Expert Master Pun-Yin (March 8, 2014) -
Master Pun-Yin joined Amilya to explain what Feng Shui is and help listeners set up their environment (at home and at the office) for success, wealth, health and happiness.

Master Pun-Yin and Amilya

abc news logoFive Feng Shui experts share their tips for a happy home. -
ABC News
Video segment featuring Master Pun-Yin

ny post logoPOINTE PLEASANT – QUEENS Waterfront Gets Feng Shui Townhouses
New York Post - May 11, 2006
“We researched who might be able to provide us with the best feng shui counsel, and kept running into the name of master Pun Yin,” says developer Jason Halpern.

ny times logoURBAN TACTICS; A Touch of the Soothsayer In the Big City - NY Times
Jim Herbert, chief executive of First Republic Bank, said he wanted to create "balance, calmness and a sense of security" in his lobbies and described Pun-Yin's suggestions as "thoughtful and helpful."

daily news logoFeng Shui master Pun Yin balances egg to cleanse body of last year's chi - NYDailyNews.Com
Fen Shui master Pun Yin carefully steadied a white egg between her fingers - and appeared to guarantee herself good luck in the Year of the Rabbit.

fox news logoEggs Balanced For Good Luck - MyFoxNY.Com
People balanced eggs on their ends in partnership with Feng Shui Master Pun Yin in Manhattan on Friday.

mtv logoCelebrity Stargazing: Master Pun-Yin yearly predictions for celebrities including Madonna, Mariah Carey and DMX - MTV
They say the eyes don't lie — and for some people, the face doesn't either. Feng shui expert and Chinese astrology specialist Pun Yin is one of those people [...]

prestige logoChi & Cheerful - Prestige New York
Even in Modern New York, Ancient Chinese Feng Shui Practices are invoked by a surprising number of people who hope they can bring the forces of luck, prosperity and happiness to a building.

travel channel logoChinese Life Reading Technique - Travel Channel
Event and segment.

sina logoFeng Shui Blessing -
Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony by Pun-Yin & Master Tin Sun for Gouverneur Hospital & Health Care Services

newsday logoDecorating in the Workplace - New York Newsday
Businesses in Asia have long been consulting feng shui practitioners, and the practice has gained a mainstream acceptance in the business world here with such clients as Donald Trump and the upscale clothing manufacturer Tahari Ltd.

the star logoTahari: The New Corner Store at One Main Street - East Hampton Star
Master Pun-Yin is quoted about her Feng Shui prescriptions for the new store

time magazine logoHail to the Chi - Time Magazine
time magazine article : hail to the chi

ny times logoAncient Chinese Craft Shifts Building Designs in the U.S. - NY Times
"In the basement of the Wing Fat Mansion in Chinatown is the office of Master Tin Sun and his daughter Master Pun Yin, a Hunter College graduate in film production who has worked with her father since she was a teenager.

They both practice a traditional form of feng shui that relies on analysis of the physical attributes of a site using the luopan, or feng shui compass, and the astrology of the client to determine the most auspicious arrangement."

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