Master Pun-Yin


Master Pun-Yin (天山本姸) is a world-renowned icon and practitioner of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Since the early 1990’s, together with her famed father, Master Tin-Sun(天山居士), Master Pun-Yin has been leveraging feng shui principles to enhance New York City’s urban development projects, including the revitalization of Times Square, creation of the Columbus Circle landmark, and the initiation of positive energy flow at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Master Pun-Yin has since become the go-to feng shui consultant for multinational corporations and high-net worth individuals. Among the many expamples include an American company with markets globally, after having consistently followed Master Pun-Yin’s strategic feng shui advice for over 14 years, merged with a well-regarded manufacturer in China near a decade ago and in 2023, doubled its stock price within two months of its initial public offering.

In recognition of her efforts to apply feng shui principles to promote neutrality and harmony in the west, the Chinese and Hong Kong governments as well as their broadcasting authorities recently appointed Master Pun-Yin as the global spokesperson for promoting tourism in Hong Kong.

Despite her busy schedule helping clients worldwide, Master Pun-Yin generously dedicates her time to philanthropic activities, including supporting the expansion of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Media outlets consistently recognize Master Pun-Yin’s career achievements and commend her endeavors to popularize the wisdom of feng shui on a global scale. Master Pun-Yin’s recent speaking engagements include serving on a panel at the Milken Institute’s annual Global Conference.

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