Master Pun-Yin’s Dragon Year 2024 Forecast(中文)
Cyprus Multimedia Inc. - February 10, 2024
A worldwide syndication publishing Master Pun-Yin’s Dragon Year Forecast along with the article from a well known Scholar describing the admirations to her track record being a dignified master of the art as well as contribution through various social and charity works helping many.

Dragon Year 2024 Forecast(中文) - February 10, 2024
A nine pages Annual Forecast from Master Pun-Yin continuing the yearly tradition.

Lunar Forecast Year of Dragon 2024(中文)
Sing Tao Newspaper - February 04, 2024
Sing Tao Newspaper posted a five pages article featuring Master Pun-Yin's Lunar Forecast in the Year of Dragon 2024.


Hello, Hong Kong featuring Master Pun-Yin (中文)
Sing Tao Newspaper - April 16, 2023
Sing Tao Newspaper posted a full page article featuring Master Pun-Yin propagating tapping into good Feng Shui in Hong Kong.

Going to Hong Kong to generate luck featuring Master Pun-Yin (中文)
Sing Tao Newspaper - April 02, 2023
Hong Kong Tourism Board elevated the statue of Master Pun-Yin (天山本姸) by creating the title for her as the International Renowned Feng Shui Master. Her chief spokeswoman roles in various promo exceeded other top rank celebrities from HK, therefore, will keep appearing everyday for months to go.

Feng Shui Tips for Every Room in Your Home
Consumer Reports - March 22, 2023

Lunar Forecast Year of Hare 2023
Sing Tao Newspaper - January 22, 2023

Chinese New Year 2023 Forecast (Page 78-79) - January 21, 2023

Use Feng Shui to Pave the Way for Peace & Success in 2023 - January 6, 2023

Creating the Energy of Peace & Success at Home 2023
Resident Magazine - January 5, 2023


World Renowned Master of Metaphysics Master Tin Sun, announced his retirement at his 93rd birthday party amidst many loving fans thanking him for transforming their lives. (中文) - October 1, 2022
Additional & extended press coverage on the ceremony of Master Tin Sun who passed the Tin Sun Lineage baton to Master Pun-Yin as the 12th generation of the brand carrier during his 93rd birthday & retirement grand party.

Sing Tao Newspaper coverage on Master Tin Sun’s Retirement (中文)
Sing Tao - September 28, 2022
One hundred loyal clients and dear friends celebrated Master Tin-Sun’s 93rd birthday and paid tribute to his outstanding 70-year career in practicing the art of Feng Shui and Destiny Reading. Guests shared stories of Master Tin-Sun’s dedication to the community and gift for changing lives for the better. On his retirement, Master Tin-Sun officially passed the baton to his 58-year-old daughter and chief apprentice: Master Pun-Yin. A world-renowned Feng Shui and Destiny Reading expert in her own right, Master Pun-Yin will carry on the 12th generation of the Tin Sun Lineage and spirit of helping others.

It’s The Year Of The Tiger—See What 2022 Has In Store For You - February 1st, 2022

Master Pun-Yin's Feng Shui Tips: Making a Fresh Start in the Lunar New Year of Tiger 2022 (星島日報流年預測:虎年翻身,風水竅門)
Sing Tao - January 30, 2022

Revitalizing Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year of Tiger 2022(中文) - January 29, 2022

Chinese New Year 2022 Forecast: Tiger Clashes With Progress and Vibrancy
Newswire - January 28, 2022


Interview with New York’s world famous Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin
Castle Avenue - August 4, 2021

Sing Tao Daily - January 24, 2021
Resetting your Luck with Feng Shui Before Chinese New Year(中文)


Top 10 Feng Shui master tips to re-organise your home
The - December 13, 2019
"Nature means life, Pun-Yin, a New York City-based Feng Shui master, said in an interview. A live plant can radiate life energy. " more...

What does Year of the Pig have in store for Trump? Feng shui masters offer clues. - February 7, 2019
"BEIJING — Years ago before the presidency, Donald Trump once consulted a master of feng shui — the ancient Chinese system of geomancy and soothsaying" more...

Chi-whiz: Feng shui in the Year of the Pig - February 5, 2019
"Picture this: a photo of a skyscraper groundbreaking ceremony featuring a confident-looking petite Chinese woman flanked by architect Philip Johnson and a young(ish) Donald Trump, all smiling." more...

What to expect during the Year of the Earth Pig 2019 - January 29, 2019
"LUNAR New Year falls on Tuesday, February 5, as we bid farewell to the year of the Earth Dog and usher in 2019 as the year of the Earth Pig (boar)," more...


The Eternal Quest for the Perfect Home: More Buyers Turn to Feng Shui Masters for the Answer - November 20, 2018
"Chronicle grew up in a Chinese-American household that adhered to the practice of feng shui to improve the flow of positive energy in the home, but she herself didn't know more than the basics." more...

Conoce el Maestro Feng Shui de Donald Trump
Leyda Ramírez - July 2018
"How did Donald Trump adopt an ancient Chinese philosophy that tries to harmonize people with their environment and made it popular?" more...

Demystifying the "President" Feng Shui Master of US President Trump(中文) - June 23, 2018
"In an interview, Pun-Yin mentioned the White House's presidential office and how the current US president will relocate the office to achieve harmony based on the principles of feng shui.". more...


How Feng Shui Change Your Life
Resident.Com (Real Estate / Luxe Living) - Fall 2017
Channel your inner spirit to guide you on a metaphysical journey to find the right balance in your life. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 5,000 years ago in China. more...

Trump's secret? Using Feng Shui to achieve sucess.(中文) - February 2, 2017

Welcoming the Wealth in Year of Rooster 2017 and avoiding the chaos(中文)
Meimin.US(Adaption from WorldJournal) - January 29, 2017

The 8 Traits of Lucky Leaders - January 26, 2017
"New York-based Feng Shui expert Pun-Yin attributes this to 2016 being the "Year of the Burning Monkey" in the Chinese Zodiac." - more...

Did Chinese Feng Shui helped Trump out of the ten-year business dilemma?(中文)
AltantaChineseLife - January 22, 2017


What will happen on November 8? Predictions from astrologers around the world - Nov 7, 2016
"To help you through the last uncertain hours of this international spectacle, Quartz turned to an ancient wisdom of last resort: reading the stars. We asked three influential fortune-tellers—Trump's own feng shui and Chinese zodiac expert [Master Pun-Yin], an American celebrity astrologer," - more...

Trump's "Mr. Feng Shui"(中文) - Sept 19, 2016
"The office of Feng Shui master Pun-Yin and her father Tin-Sun lived in a dim basement in Chinatown, New York, with lush vegetation and spring water."

Meet Donald Trump's Feng Shui Master - Sep 13, 2016
"How the Republican nominee adopted an ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to harmonize people with their surroundings and made it mainstream"

How (and Why) to Feng Shui Your Beauty Routine - Mar 31, 2016
"Beauty is skin deep, yet if we consciously create a grooming routine that aligns with the feng shui energy of our spirit and our environment, this daily regimen could be a mood-creator that keeps us focused on our goals..."


Gouverneur Completes Modernization to Add More Nursing Home Beds
NYC Health + Hospitals - March 22, 2015
"Pun Yin, a Master of Feng Shui, provided consultation throughout the design process to enhance the environment through use of color and light." - more...

5 easy ways to zen-ify your space
NYLON - Feb 18, 2015
Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin recommends to "not have computer and work stuff around the sleep area because this would prevent your mind from relaxing, compromising sleep quality [and] therefore next day's the performance."


Five Minutes With Master Pun-Yin
Brick Underground - Oct 7, 2014
Want a happy and harmonious life? A Feng Shui Master shares her tips on setting up your home.

How To Feng Shui Your Kid's Nursery
Pip And Pea
[...] the art of Feng Shui – thought to encourage imagination, learning, confidence as well as promote calmness and improved sleep – is something well worthy of incorporation into a kid's bedroom.

2013 and earlier

Ribbon cutting marks new era for Gouverneur Hospital
Downtown Express - September 21, 2011
"On Monday, Sept. 19, elected officials joined executives from Gouverneur Hospital to officially open the hospital’s new Center for Community Health and Wellness and The Residence at Gouverneur Court," - more...

Feng Shui master Pun Yin balances egg to cleanse body of last year's chi
NY Daily News - February 05, 2011
Feng Shui master Pun Yin carefully steadied a white egg between her fingers - and appeared to guarantee herself good luck in the Year of the Rabbit.

Feng Shui Blessing(中文) - September 22, 2009
Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony by Pun-Yin & Master Tin Sun for Gouverneur Hospital & Health Care Services

The Mandarin Oriental New York Opens - March 6, 2008

POINTE PLEASANT – QUEENS Waterfront Gets Feng Shui Townhouses
New York Post - May 11, 2006
“We researched who might be able to provide us with the best feng shui counsel, and kept running into the name of master Pun Yin,” says developer Jason Halpern.

URBAN TACTICS; A Touch of the Soothsayer In the Big City
NY Times - July 15, 2001
Jim Herbert, chief executive of First Republic Bank, said he wanted to create "balance, calmness and a sense of security" in his lobbies and described Pun-Yin's suggestions as "thoughtful and helpful."

"The master whom Trampe hired is a petite 33-year-old woman named Pun Yin, of Tin Sun Metaphysics in New York's Chinatown. In the past few years she's provided energy boosts of a noncaffeinated variety to executives at Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley, clothing designer Elie Tahari, and a big real estate developer, among others." - more...

An Ancient Chinese Practice Goes Uptown : New York: Feng shui is reputed to create a positive energy flow, bringing good luck and fortune.
Los Angeles Times - November 6, 1994
"The ancient practice of creating positive energy flow through a home or place of business brings good luck and fortune." - more...

Ancient Chinese Craft Shifts Building Designs in the U.S.
NY Times - September 22, 1994
"In the basement of the Wing Fat Mansion in Chinatown is the office of Master Tin Sun and his daughter Master Pun Yin, a Hunter College graduate in film production who has worked with her father since she was a teenager. They both practice a traditional form of feng shui that relies on analysis of the physical attributes of a site using the luopan, or feng shui compass, and the astrology of the client to determine the most auspicious arrangement."   more...

Eggs Balanced For Good Luck - MyFoxNY.Com
People balanced eggs on their ends in partnership with Feng Shui Master Pun Yin in Manhattan on Friday.

Chi & Cheerful - Prestige New York
Even in Modern New York, Ancient Chinese Feng Shui Practices are invoked by a surprising number of people who hope they can bring the forces of luck, prosperity and happiness to a building.

Decorating in the Workplace - New York Newsday
Businesses in Asia have long been consulting feng shui practitioners, and the practice has gained a mainstream acceptance in the business world here with such clients as Donald Trump and the upscale clothing manufacturer Tahari Ltd.

Tahari: The New Corner Store at One Main Street - East Hampton Star
Master Pun-Yin is quoted about her Feng Shui prescriptions for the new store