A Talk With Trump's Feng Shui Expert - Sep 17, 2016
"NPR's Scott Simon talks with Donald Trump's former feng shui master Pun-Yin who worked with him on one of his New York hotels."


Interview: Master Pun-Yin, Feng Shui Expert
The Kelly Alexander Show - Sep 4, 2014
[T]he art of Feng Shui is [important]in the world around us so we welcome expert, Pun Yin [who has] dedicated 40 years of her life to Feng Shui and has worked on projects like the Trump International Hotel & Towers.

Feng Shui Expert Master Pun-Yin (March 8, 2014)
Master Pun-Yin joined Amilya to explain what Feng Shui is and help listeners set up their environment (at home and at the office) for success, wealth, health and happiness.