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25A magazine logoJune 2016 - 25A Magazine
Rejuvenating Trips in 2016 - Using Feng Shui Properly

“The Year of the Monkey that we are presently in also contains the theme of "Burning of the Monkey." This theme is harmful for peace and wealth until February 2017. People who are seeking sereneity that leasd to clarity must tap into nature at this time.” - full article

25A magazine logoFebruary 2016 - 25A Magazine
2016: The Year of the Monkey - Powerful Feng Shui Fixes

“Protecting the emotional and financial health in 2016 requires clarity in the mind thatg an environment with a balanced Chi (energy) can provide. "Beauty is only skin deep, so, making the space beautiful is only as good as, if it can provide harmonious and prosperous energy for the people.” - full article