Authentic Feng Shui is based on the Five Elements Composition.

In the most auspicious Five Element composition, the chart has all Five Elements. However, only 12% of the population has this desirable chart, which means that 88% of people are missing at least one element completely.

The missing element has a perceptible negative impact, yet it can be adjusted by adapting that element in one's home, office, and clothing. Then, the Chinese Zodiac sign as well as the earth and solar energy of the location must be taken into account.

The Five traditional Chinese elements are critical to defining correct Feng Shui adjustments to a space. The Five Elements composition is based on an individual's birth time and place: year, month, day and time (Rising Sign). Each of the Five Elements has a Yin (feminine) and a Yang (masculine).

waterWATER nurtures wood and is absorbed by it (trees and plants). Water puts out fire. The yin (feminine) energy is a lake or pond, deep still water, or ebbing tide. Yang (masculine) is active water, ocean surf, strong river current, or rising tide. Yang water has a ferocious energy that can be harnessed or can be implacable and destructive. Yin water can gently nourish or can slowly destroy through the action of seepage. The qualities of water are intuitive, sensitive,
                                                  emotional, and fluctuation.

woodWOOD fuels fire and is absorbed by it. Its roots dig deep into the soil of earth, controlling it. The Yin (feminine) energy is resilient and flexible like a bamboo tree while Yang (masculine) is sturdy and strong like a fir tree. All wood is organizing and this is an executive kind of intelligence. Yang wood is more stubborn, but both yin and yang can conceptualize and implement creative of large organizations. The qualities of wood are consistent, persistent, uncompromising, and

fireFIRE (sun) warms the earth and replenishes earth elements by its residue and ash. Fire is absorbed by earth. Fire controls (melts) metal. Yin (feminine) fire is a candle or stove flame, under the service of needs and controllable while Yang (masculine) fire is wild like lava from a volcano or forest fire. It is good to note that a candle light can tip and thus instigate a yang fire out of control. Fire has qualities of initiation, passion, command, courage, ambition, and determination.

earthEARTH provides a home for metal and controls water (river banks). Plains and valleys are Yin (feminine) expression of earth, and the hills and mountains are the Yang (masculine) quality. Earth characteristics include practicality, responsibility, seriousness, and conservatism. They have a tendency towards being judgmental and rigid (including physical inflexibility) and can stagnate due to a propensity to worry.

metalMETAL can be melted, forged, and shaped into useful objects. When shaped into vessels, metal carries water and when shaped into a blade it chops wood. Sharp metal objects such as knives or swords are Yang (masculine) and the receptive or curved objects such as pots or pans are Yin (feminine). Metal qualities include creativity, flamboyance, and materialism. Those with metal qualities have a strong ability to accumulate possessions as well as friends.