Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year (Snake Year)

Will I find love and be loved? This is the most common question my father Master Tin Sun and I have been asked by women in our combined nearly 100 years experience as Feng Shui and Chinese Life Reading masters. In our affluent and free society the downside has been that many people are set adrift in family units of one. Affluence makes this possible, but people who are not by nature contemplatives become more self absorbed and distract themselves with entertainment and the fulfilling of their material desires. With this kind of social isolation it becomes more difficult to connect, as there is no 'natural' progression – especially for people in their 30s 40s and beyond. The 'constructed' processes, like internet dating, can also create fear based on the lack of real connection with virtual and actual strangers. As a defense mechanism, a lot of people choose to protect their hearts by leaving their guard up.

Following the universal laws of attraction: Love attracts love. Romantic or couple love isn't the only kind. Even if one doesn't have a life partner, or even family, one's life can be imbued with love by following one's heart. First: get out of the house. Interact. Give. Volunteer for those less fortunate – a true way to open one's heart center. At the same time, do contemplate. In quiet time (with TV, computer and smartphone off!) one can reconnect with one's true purpose in this lifetime. Did you once want to play piano but give it up? Wanted to be a doctor but became a lawyer instead? It is in the NOW that there is power in pursuing one's real dreams – even if in a small way – to reconnect with the joy and love of life that is the foundation of all love. It is your own job to fulfill your spirit. Don't expect someone else to finish this puzzle and rescue you. We each can be the rescuers of our own souls. The healthier and better you are, the healthier the persons, circumstances and relationships you attract.

There are indications of one's ability to find lasting love from Feng Shui Chinese Life Reading that may help:

The Snake can be passionate, jealous and possessive. In such an intense year, working to relax and lighten up emotional feelings will get positive results.

From now through February 25th if love is what you seek, do a centering and relaxing mind cleanse in the evenings (once, or every few days). Follow this routine that had proven to have favorable result: continue tuning in to your soul and connectivity to the divine energy by being more spiritual and calm. You can do so by taking an Energy Cleansing Bath (mineral salt bath) that I mention from time to time in my blog posts, or other routine that can clear your core energy. Use this time to reflect, to feel peace in your soul. This calm will provide the clarity that is difficult to reach when you are busy with responsibilities or social functions. Read a story or watch a movie that celebrates the power of love. Feeling hopeful is step one in inviting the intended energy to connect with you during the rest of the year. Listening to gentle music and taking it easy the rest of the evening is a way of healing, recharging so that you can radiate the energy your mind sets out to do.

Head to bed with a new set of pajamas and if love is one of your biggest wish, then, wearing pajamas consisting of a soft pink which is the Fire Element with feminine energy would be helpful. This also reminds you of the feminine qualities that are more attractive than the aggressive, demanding, serious mode most women nowadays operate under most of the time in this demanding world. Woman is Yin as man is Yang, if our Yin and Yang energy is in balance, it sets the tone for both to connect.

Wake up with thoughts of those people, pets, locations or events that remind you of the sweetness in life. Count your blessings and be grateful as you do your morning prayer so that you can secure your connection with the divine energy that helps to bring forth blessings you set out to earn. Reduce skepticism! Romance usually happens to those that let their guards down. Remember your temperament and the energy you radiate on a daily basis and develop that sweetness by a gratitude practice for all the sweet things in your life. This would be the seed that enables you to grow the fruit intended.

Your mind setting the intention is the will that leads you to the reality. Hopefully by this time next year, you will be sharing the story of this experiment with the companion in your life. Good Luck!

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